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Jim Weaver McKown Barnes, of Choctaw and Welsh ancestry, was born and grew up in Summerfield, Oklahoma. He received his BA from Southeastern State College in Durant, OK (now Southeastern Oklahoma State University) in 1964 and his MA (1965) and Ph.D. (1972) from the University of Arkansas. From 2003 to 2006 he served as Distinguished Professor of English at Brigham Young University. He taught at Truman State University from 1970 to 2003, where he was Professor of Comparative Literature and Writer-in-Residence. Jim married Cora Barnes McKown, artist and designer, in 2006. He is at home in Santa Fe, New Mexico (Hacienda McKown), and near Atoka, Oklahoma (Flying M Ranch).

Jim was the founding editor of the Chariton Review Press and from 1975 through 2006 published The Chariton Review. He is a contributing editor to the Pushcart Prize. He has published over 500 poems and translations in more than 100 journals, including The Chicago Review, The American Scholar, Prairie Schooner and Georgia Review.

He chaired the PEN Center USA West translation prize committee in 2006 and has sat on several National Endowment for the Arts poetry committees. He was chosen as Poet Laureate of Oklahoma for the years 2009 and 2010.

Jim Barnes has read his work at, among other places, Simon's Rock College, San Jose State University, the University of South Carolina, Villa Serbelloni (Bellagio, Italy), Brigham Young University, University of Missouri at Columbia, Duke University, University of Arizona, Stephens College, Kansas State University, University of Nebraska, Oklahoma State University, Goethe Haus (Berlin), University of Oregon, University of California - Berkeley, Riverside, and Santa Cruz, Cal Poly Tech - San Luis Obispo, Camargo Foundation (Cassis, France), Villa Walberta (Munich, Germany), Charles University (Prague), Ostrava University (Czech Republic), Olomouc University (Czech Republic), Viola Theatre (Prague) and University of Lausanne, Switzerland.


Jim received a National Endowment for the Arts Creative Writing Fellowship in 1978 and the Columbia University Translation Award for his translation of Dagmar Nick's Zeugnis und Zeichen (Summons and Signs) in 1980. In 1989 he was awarded the St. Louis Poetry Center's Stanley Hanks Memorial Poetry Award, and in 1990 he was awarded a Bellagio Residency Fellowship by the Rockefeller Foundation for the purpose of beginning his translations of Dagmar Nick's poetry. He held a second Rockefeller Bellagio Residency Fellowship in 2003. In 1992 Jim was a Distinguished Writer-in-Residence for the University of Maryland Far East Division. In 1993 Jim received the Oklahoma Book Award for The Sawdust War, and he was awarded a Senior Fulbright Fellowship to Switzerland in 1993-94. In 1998, On Native Ground : Memoirs and Impressions was named a finalist for the Oklahoma Book Award in non-fiction and in the poetry category for Paris.

Jim has been the Featured Poet at the Paris Writers Workshop and at the 13th Franco-Anglais Poetry Translation Festival. In 1995 he was the Munich Translator-in-Residence at Villa Walberta, Germany, and since then he has held two Carmargo Foundation Fellowships in Cassis, France. In 1996 he was the U. S. Department of State poet to the Prague Writer's Festival.. In 1998 and in 2000, Jim was awarded Academie Schloß Solitude Fellowships in Stuttgart, Germany and received an American Book Award for On Native Ground. In 2002, he was a finalist for the Oklahoma Book Award in the poetry category for On a Wing of the Sun.

A short biography from the Internet Public Library's Native American Author's Project is available.
A brief resumé is available from the Missouri Author's Directory.

Poetry       icon

Visiting Picasso (Illinois Poetry Series) , University of Illinois Press.
On a Wing of the Sun: Three Volumes of Poetry , University of Illinois Press.
The publishers page on this book
Paris: Poems (Illinois Poetry Series) , University of Illinois Press.
The publishers page on this book
Paris was a finalist in the poetry category for the 1998 Oklahoma Book Award.
The Sawdust War: Poems (Illinois Poetry Series) , University of Illinois Press.
La Plata Cantata Purdue University Press.
A Season of Loss , Purdue University Press.
American Book of the Dead: Poems , University of Illinois Press.
The Fish on Poteau Mountain, Cedar Creek Press.
This Crazy Land, Inland Boat Series/Porch Press.
Five Missouri Poets, (as editor), Chariton Review Press.

Translations and Criticism      

Fiction of Malcolm Lowry and Thomas Mann: Structural Tradition ,
Thomas Jefferson University Press.
Summons and Sign: Poems , Dagmar Nick (Tr. Jim Barnes)
Chariton Review Press.
Numbered Days: Poems, Dagmar Nick (Tr. Jim Barnes)
New Odyssey Press.
"The Myth of Sisyphus in Under the Volcano," Prairie Schooner, 42, 341-348. 1968.

Other Prose      

On Native Ground: Memoirs and Impressions
American Indian Literature and Critical Studies Series, Vol 23, University of Oklahoma Press.
The OU Press page for this book

Anthologies Featuring Jim's Work       icon

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Textbooks Featuring Jim's Work as Examples       icon

The Mind's Eye: A Guide to Writing Poetry, Kevin Clark (Editor), Pearson Longman.
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Books of Literary Criticism on Jim's Work       icon

A Salt Companion to Jim Barnes, A. Robert Lee (Editor), Salt Publishing (U.K.)
Creating Another Self: Voice in Modern American Personal Poetry,
Samual Maio (Editor), Truman State University Press.

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